Saturday, November 17, 2018

Back on our own!

It was a nice bright day and Tanya was driving back home in the sunshine..
We had some breakfast and then at lunch time she made her way back to Kent. It was so lovely to see her.
We then ordered our bits for the engine through Beta, and they should be with us within the next few days.. We have had to have a new gearbox oil cooler, a special hose with some dye in it, a new hose for the one we found rubbing on the gearbox linkage, and a new Pressure cap, neck and seal. Not cheap!
It turns out that the oil cooler has a honeycombed centre and must be damaged if oil is getting in the water.. Fingers Crossed!
So we wait for the parts to arrive and hope the engine survives until they turn up..


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

You should be able to pressure test that old one. ether stand it on end with one end bunged up, fill with water and pump air in where the oil should be, looking for bubbles in the water or connect a hose to the water side at one end and block the other to see if you get water out of the oil side. Have you looked at the gearbox oil to see if its milky?
Good luck whatever happens

Del and Al said...

Thanks Brian, yep will have a look at it once we get it off. The gearbox oil doesn't appear to be milky....