Monday, November 05, 2018

Friends for a stopover

It was one of those dark dank mornings with intermittent rain showers just to cheer you up. We were expecting friends Zoe and Greg to arrive this afternoon and it was boat cleaning time for us.. Del got all the leaves off the roof and did the porthole liners while Al sorted out inside. At 1.30pm they arrived and we went to the pub for a catch up drink..
From there we went back to Derwent6 to drop of their stuff, but was now in a drinking mood and walked straight up to one of Leighton Buzzards top tourist attractions on trip adviser "The Bald Buzzard Ale house" and met up with Phil and Alison.
 Here we met up with a few other friends and some ex boaters, and after a few pints thought it might be a good idea to eat.
 Phil recommended the Turkish restaurant just round the corner and he was so right. We had a fantastic meal there and to top it off Zoe and Greg treated us.. We staggered back to Derwent6 late and then had some whiskey chasers to send us all to bed..

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