Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Al's little test

Well Al was supposed to be going to Kent to meet up with a few friends and family over the weekend, but I'm afraid that never happened. She has been doing her exercises to get over this dizziness she has been having and things are still improving, but very slowly..
So what have we done? Well not a lot really apart from a gallant effort from Al to go up the pub as we are so low on food on Derwent6. She did manage a Sunday Lunch which made her feel a bit better and did her good.
So today we thought we would make a bit of an effort to get Derwent6 sorted out..
Del took the boat to Kings Orchard Marina where we got a pumpout (even though it was only half full).
We filled with diesel (after Del did a diesel test to check for diesel bug) and we filled with water. If you look closely at the bottom of this jar you can see the water collected from the bottom of the fuel tank.
They are so helpful here and we like to use them..
We came out, after Al had forgotten the firelighters which we needed for a BBQ, and had to walk round the marina to pick them up.. Not good for a dizzy women, but a good test..

We then went back to Huddlesford and turned again, mooring up outside the pub as Al had arranged a Tesco's delivery to stock up the cupboards.
We timed it so we had some lunch in the pub (as we had no food) and the Tesco's man turned up at 3.00pm.
Al passed this test with flying colours so we will be on our way tomorrow to catch up on our agenda. We chilled as the evening cooled things down, we have been so lucky with this weather!!


Stuart said...

So pleased to hear Al is feeling a little better.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Stuart, was really improving over the weekend but had a bit of a relapse yesterday & today, so have now got some different meds from the doctor, so fingers crossed!