Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Picture perfect!

Yesterday we spent some time sorting out paperwork, but we did get a call from our picture framing guy in Rugby saying our two pictures from the house in Shoreham were ready to collect.. We just wanted to bring a little bit of the great memories back to Derwent6..
So today we put them up and it was like they were meant to be here.. We have the memories of the house Al was born in and our courting days, above the bed, and of the walks we went on with Al's Mum and Dad around the local area of Shoreham, in the galley..

Also the picture our friends gave us when we launched is now framed and up on the wall, instead of standing up on the side!
In the afternoon we drove down to Kent and went to Terry's retirement and Ron's 60th Birthday meal, a combined celebration..

We drove back to Derwent6 afterwards on empty roads and tiptoed along the pontoon at 2.00am..


Judith nb Serena said...

Lovely to have you back. Love your cushions, did you make them yourself? The colours are beautiful.
Judith nb Serena

Del and Al said...

Thanks Judith, they are actually the bungs for the portholes, made out of matching cushion covers