Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Honeymoon Recovery period

Oh my Goodness! what a lovely day yesterday, but we were feeling it this morning, aching, voices gone and feeling fat from over eating..
Yesterday we opened all our cards and then got ourselves ready.
We then went out for our Sunday lunch at The Folly pub and our reserved table was right by a roaring fire, perfect!
With our candle lit and our huge dinners on the table we tucked into the food and the bottle of wine we had ordered.. It all got a bit cosy as we reminisced over the last 38 years together.. Yes there have been some ups and downs, and we have lost some lovely people along the way, but despite all this we just realise how lucky we both are. We know you make your own luck, and you have to work very hard to put yourselves in certain situations, but in life you have to take advantage of the good times.. You just never know when that will stop, and your situation can change in a instant.. Live life today, not tomorrow, there may not be a tomorrow! Our motto on Derwent6 is "Born to be Wild, Looking for Adventure in whatever comes our way"
So where were we, we had lunch and treated ourselves to dessert, and with full tummies and a warm fire went back on the beers and G&T's
At 4.00pm Dave Pepper was setting up for an acoustic session, and before long a few others had turned up with a harmonica, a wash board, more guitars and singers.. Well the afternoon turned out to be a bit of a jamming session, and yes we were both singing along to it all tapping anything we could find, fuelled by drink..
We got back to Derwent6 at about 9.30pm, just!.  made the bed and fell into it..
So today is recovery day, we are just chilling, looking at the rain and getting some things sorted out for our Spring trip on Derwent6 (more of that later)


Sue said...

Just one word.... Wonderful!!

Alison said...

Totally agree with your philosophy on life.......Just enjoy!

nb AmyJo said...

Belated congrats and glad to see your enjoying life together.

Unknown said...

It was great meeting you both on Sunday, unlike you we had to move off in the morning which was easier said than done! :)