Sunday, March 19, 2017

A window of Opportunity

After looking at the weather we only had one window of opportunity today. The winds were calm till midday and the rain was due at some point in the afternoon, so we set off at 8.00am

It was lovely cruising but it had turned a bit colder so it was wrap up, with hats and gloves on the tiller..
It is still very quiet on the canals and we never passed a boat, but it was lovely scenery.. It was a two hour stint and we soon got to Napton where we turned into the winding hole and the wind did its job..
We then saw a nice mooring, so reversed Derwent6 into it with ease..
Al then went up to post a couple of letters and also get some shopping while Del sorted out some engine jobs..
It then got very windy and started to rain so we banked up the fire and stayed put..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tooty's looking good.
Napton PO Stores is a lovely place to have some home-made snacks and the shop is so well stocked with local produce isn't it?
I like to have their soup, but Keith always has coffee and cake.
Quite a few boats on the move up here!