Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Surprise BBQ

So we have taken it easy over the last few days at Bray and with the football and tennis and it being a weekend, it has been difficult to move anyway... We got a call on Saturday saying Steve and Erica wanted to find us.. Great, but we have no grub, so lets watch the weather and do something Ad Hoc.. Saturday was a showery day anyway with some lovely rainbows.
We got up early on Sunday and sorted out our mooring where we cut out an area for us to sit as we are on quite a busy towpath here... Steve and Erica arrived at midday with Tanya and Sam, and Zak.
The sun was out, so we got all the chairs out and had soft drinks, as that was all we had, and we needed to celebrate as it was Erica's Birthday last week and it would be Sam's Birthday tomorrow.. Tanya had brought the Birthday cake.
We all then decided to go out and get some food for a BBQ but when we checked the weather it forecast rain for 4.00pm.. Still we went for it!  The girls took the car to the local supermarket and the boys sorted out the Barbie.. When the girls got back the BBQ was roaring and the meat went straight on.. The girls then prepared the Salad stuff and we used the roof as a table..
It clouded over a little but the rain never came..
The boys wanted to see the football at five so we all squeezed on the sofa and watched it (with a few bets on the side) After some more chat in the lovely calm evening, at 8.00pm sadly they decided all to leave.... Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun and a nice treat for us.. We then cleared up before the evening game of football and then znoked into bed..

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