Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Nine hour Cruise

We were in need of water and a pump out so we decided to leave early this morning and go back to Bovney Lock to get it sorted.. In fact we left Matty in bed and left at 6.30am.. We managed to get pumped out and then had some breakfast when Matty surfaced..
We headed back to Windsor and as we pulled into the lock we met up with Bill and Jane again on w.b. Lazybones..
We followed  them up through Runnymede and the next three or four locks to Staines where we departed and Matty said goodbye to Georgia and Faith..
Our plan was to do a long day today as the weather was so good so we pushed on towards Weybridge..
It was all going so well we carried on, even through the locks when they were at self service, in fact Matty pushed the buttons to get us through....

Matty then took the tiller and to be fair he did a good job and soon got the hang of Derwent6. He steered for about three miles and even did a few bridges, well done mate!
We got a well deserved Ice Cream
It has been very quiet going downstream on the Thames, but it seemed busy going upstream..
Al phoned Brentford to get a booking for us to do the tidal bit of the Thames and we managed to get a early morning booking, so we had a 6.30am booking at Teddington.. We managed to get to Kingston in the end and found a nice mooring we just managed to get into..
Matty soon had the fishing rod out.

Al walked into town and picked up something for dinner which we had with a film Matty wanted to watch.. Phew its been a long day and we have an early start, lets hope we don't have too hot a night..

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