Saturday, July 05, 2014

Loving our Mooring

So we are staying put this week on the Thames as we have Henley just round the corner and the queues at locks gets a bit silly. We love our mooring here at Sonning. The moorings at Sonning bridge have now had to be repaired in the floods and a new concrete wall and towpath has been built, so you can't pin in along here anymore. You would have thought they could have put rings into the wall for boaters but they obviously don't want boats mooring there and would rather have them paying the eight pound opposite..
So Del has been out on his bike, Al has been down to Kings hospital with her Dad, and we have been making the most of the sunshine, to be honest!  It has been nice to have some peace and quiet again just watching the boats going backwards and forwards..  so we won't be moving till after the weekend with football, tennis and the Grand Prix.....Ho Hum!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the regatta!

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