Thursday, July 24, 2014

Out with our Blogging Idols

So the last couple of days we have been relaxing and taking in the sunshine. Del has been giving Derwent6 a polish and Al has been getting a shopping fix..
We were doing pretty much the same when who should walk along but Sue and Vic off n.b. No Problem.. These two are one of the longest running boating bloggers and were our inspiration to blog about our adventures, and I'm sure many others. We had always seen each other for a coffee, but never had some real quality time together, time to make amends...
It was so good to see them both looking so well and with a boat engine which was purring like a kitten.. "Fancy Lunch" they said... As you all know we are not ones to turn down an offer and we headed straight to Wetherspoons.
Wednesday was Cheap Chicken day and we made the most of it.. Afterwards we split and did some shopping and agreed that we would meet up in the afternoon for a cup of tea and nibbles.
Sue had made a lovely Ginger Cake and we brought the biscuits.. We played with Meg and Penny and chilled in the shade watching the world go by on the Thames.. 
It got to 6.30pm and we felt like going for a drink in a pub garden and we walked along the Thames and found a nice pub.. It was a lovely temperature and the beers went down easy as the night went on and we had another fun night....
It finished off with Vic fancying chips on the way home, it was a nice touch and went down well after all that drink..
We were offered more drinks on No Problem but we were all flagging and had probably had enough if we were honest.. Thanks guys for another memorable fun day in this fantastic life....

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