Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A change of Scenery for Reading

We stayed at Bernie and Sarah's on Sunday night and David kindly dropped us off at Barming Station on Monday.. We got the train into Victoria and just managed to miss the Tour De France rush..  We could have stayed to watch it but we didn't know the bus times to get back to Sonning from Reading..  Still we managed to do some shopping and post a letter when we got to Reading before the bus turned up.. It was a short walk back to Derwent6 and we soon had things functional again.. We relaxed in the cratch for what was left of the day..
On Tuesday morning we set off from Sonning and turned round back to Shiplake Lock where we topped up with water again.
We then made our way to Sonning Lock where the gates opened as we arrived.
It was still lovely and warm and pleasant cruising as we passed the entrance to the K & A and the Tesco's moorings..
We couldn't believe how may spaces there were so we managed to get very near to the main gates. Al was gone for an hour while Del cleaned out the bilge and checked the engine levels.. It was so quiet we had our lunch and watched the boats for another hour..
We were having too much of a good thing so we decided to press on a bit further only because we couldn't get telly where we were, and the World Cup was on tonight..
We got through Caversham Lock without any problems and stopped at another place we like just outside Reading..
It is a bit shallow and you have to pick your spot, but it's free!!!
As we sat in the cratch again in the sunshine, you could see a storm brewing in the distance.
Suddenly the wind got up and there was a crack of thunder. "Doors to cross check" and we battened down the hatches..
It rained very hard as the storm went over us, we were all snug inside Derwent6..
We had our dinner with the football in the evening and crashed out........a bit like Brazil!

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