Monday, July 07, 2014

Great Friends and Family

On Saturday we were up early in the early drizzle and Del took the opportunity to clean Derwent6 and get the dust off.. after breakfast the light rain faded away and we then set off along the towpath to get the bus at Sonning.
We then got the train from Reading and arrived down in Kent for 4pm where we were kindly picked up by Sarah. After watching the football we all got ready to go to Del's brother Cliff, as Cliff and Lou had arranged a family and friends gathering.. This was done because he always said we only see each other at weddings and funerals so they had sorted out a bash with a buffet and some music and we used their pub for the venue.. It was great to see so many people we hadn't seen for a long time and still in the company of those we do see..
Nephew Dale, Fiona and great nephew Finley!
Well Done Cliff and Lou for sorting out a great evening..
On Sunday Al went swimming with Sarah and the boys sorted out their model gliders for the evening. At lunchtime we were joined by Steve and Erica and we all watched the Grand Prix... It was a missy morning but after the Grand Prix the sun came back out, Wooo Hoo BBQ time!!!
Bernie set to work on the meat and the girls sorted out the salad and we all sat in the garden to a very tasty bit of grub.. With full stomachs the girls chilled out with a chick flick and the guys went out gliding..
The wind was just right and they flew till the moon was high in the sky and the sun set.
 It was a lovely day, in fact it was a lovely weekend.. We have got some great friends and family....

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You missed a title, fly me to the moon.