Thursday, July 31, 2014

Derwent6 on a Mission

We had set the alarm for 5.20am as we had to get to Teddington for 6.30am, an awoke with the foxes looking through the window.
We pulled the pins at Kingston and very quietly set off under Kingston bridge..
It was a lovely warm morning again and the sun was just trying to rise over the buildings as we cruised up to the tidal lock.
The lock was already open but we didn't know if it was for us so we pulled over just before and took a walk up to the lock keeper who was waiting for us.. " Thanks for calling yesterday, it makes life so much easier, the lock is ready for you" he said.
We got back and pulled into the lock. The Thames was full to the brim and looked like a piece of glass with the sun now on it..
Wow it was awesome and it felt like Derwent6 was gliding across the water with the outgoing current's
We passed under Richmond and then Twickenham Bridge and Matty soon joined us watching all the low planes coming into land.. 
When we got to the Grand Union we turned in and the lock keeper was waiting for us and checked our licence before he opened the gates..
 Matty got to work on the lock at Brentford by pushing all the right buttons and we soon moored up by the water point and topped up with some breakfast.. Scrambled egg and bacon on toast, Mmmmm

A boat set off in front of us and asked if we were going up the locks, they said they would wait in the first lock for us.. It helped us all the way through the Hanwell flight and Matty even had time to pick us some blackberries..
This section is still plagued with weed, but the Axion coped well as the people we were travelling with were down the weed hatch three times..
We got to Tesco's at Bulls Bridge and Al got a small top up of Matty's favourite things..
We then headed off up the Grand Union to Cowley dodging the rubbish on the way. There were moorings here but we just felt like cruising on in this beautiful warm day. We just seemed to carry on going......we just seem all or nothing at the moment..
It was getting late and we fancied going out for something to eat tonight so we pushed on to try and make Copper Mill. We had a nice surprise when we passed n.b Maisibert and Hilary was on the back doing their washing Brrrrrrupppp! on the horn, got her attention.. Andy soon popped his head out and we had a good half hour chat, it was nice to see them..
Tired and Hungry we pushed on and did another two locks, before we moored at Copper Mill..
We quickly changed and then managed to get a table outside in the Coy Carp pub, where we had a lovely meal in the warm summer air with a cold beer..
It was the perfect end to the perfect day. 
We got back to Derwent6 at 10.00pm shattered, where we all fell into bed. So we did Kingston on the Thames to Copper Mill in one day, we travelled for 14 hours and we stopped for breakfast, water, and shopping. Yep! we don't know how we do it either, but it shows you can...


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Gorgeous day, wonderful pictures! Long summer days cruising are grand indeed.

Elaine said...

Beautiful pictures, the one of the fox is amazing.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jaq, although it was a long day, it was just fantastic x

Del and Al said...

Thanks Elaine, he was so inquisitive, he came right up to the bedroom window!