Monday, September 02, 2013

Staying with friends and another friends wedding..

After the wedding Del stayed with his mate Bernie as he had the week off work while Al made her way back to Derwent6 for a bit of peace and quiet.. When Al arrived back Derwent6 was still being looked after nicely by Gary and Beryl on n.b. The Answer. Thanks guys! Al had caught a cold somewhere so it was good for her to have some time to recover with all the stresses of her Dad and everything else. Del on the other hand was enjoying himself out with his mate Bernie flying and building their gliders and going down the pub, of course... 
Last weekend we had another wedding to go to, so Al had to get the train back down on the Saturday morning and saw her Mum and Dad first before meeting up with Del again later. This time it was Alan and Shirley who also live in Kent.
Alan is an old mate from Del's team Squash days, where he used to play in the county leagues. They were so pleased to see us and they looked so happy..
Del also got to catch up with the rest of the team mates so a good drink was in order, good job Del had been practicing all week.
It was a lovely wedding and fantastic to see everyone.. It was back to friends Bernie and Sarah's for sleep..  On Sunday we decided to make a move back to Derwent6 and we had to say our goodbye's. Bernie and Sarah have just been fantastic. They have fed and watered Del over the week and made him feel like part of the family. A big big thank you to you both.. and when you have stocked up with food again Del will come down again... We arrived back with a trouble free journey to Derwent6 at 5.00pm. Derwent6 was covered in dust from where they had been cutting the corn fields around us. We said a big thank you to Gary and Beryl for looking after her. We also found out that they are planing to build another marina around here as a guy was spotted measuring out the pontoon areas and a temporary bridge will be erected where we are moored for the excavators and trucks. It was lovely to be back home again and we chilled with some telly in the evening watching the sunsets again..Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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