Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Cousin's Wedding

Today we went to a wedding.....
We travelled on the train one stop from Al's Mum and Dad's to Eynsford where we walked up to Del's cousin Dave and his wife Diane's house. It was lovely to see them and they made us very welcome.. In the afternoon we walked down the hill to the local club where Robert (another one of Del's cousin's) and Sandra were having their wedding celebrations..
They got married abroad but wanted to have a do for the family. There was no expense spared.. They had two bands and even a bird display for the kids.. It was lovely to see all the family again and we had a great time, thanks both of you!!
Afterwards we walked back to their house where we had more drinks, so many in fact we had to be taken back to Dave and Diane's.. We crashed out at their place in a very comfy bed..
In the morning we were treated to breakfast and with the sun out we chilled (recovered) on the patio. Dave and Diane then offered to take us to friends Bernie and Sarah and it was a treat to go in style in their retro open top Golf. It was great fun and a big, big thank you for having us..

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