Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just an Update

We are still sitting here at Lower Heyford waiting for our water pump to arrive and now getting frustrated we can't move yet.. If we had known it would have taken this long we would have moved on and returned to pick it up..  Still never mind we are near the station and we have options.. Al made use of the train and went down to help Hannah move into her new digs at Uni for a couple of days.
Del serviced the engine and gearbox and also fitted the new bolt to the generator pulley. The brasses are up to date and the blacking has been scrubbed.  We have treated ourselves to a meal out at The Bell in the village with a few beers but over all we have been soaking up the good weather.. Its still so warm for the time of year and we haven't even looked for wood, or got coal on board, yet let alone lit the fire yet.. so a months saving there then.. It's been very quiet here but we did see Viv and Len of n.b. Mollie on their way through, it was nice to see them, hopefully we will have a beer with them on the way back ..
Al's Dad has been very well considering what he has been through and we are close at hand if any problems arise.. So the pump is due to us on Tuesday now so we will be sitting tight hoping it turns up.. Meanwhile we are enjoying the Grand Prix over the weekend...

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