Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We tried to move

We planned to move today but the weather was nice and we had to get some more shopping while we were here.. So after a bit of a chill and Del had cleaned the dust off Derwent6 we walked into Banbury. We went to Morrison's but we were hungry so we decided to have the £2.49 meal on offer before we shopped.
We got our shopping, (too much as usual) and struggled back to Derwent6.. We were knackered and didn't feel like moving after that so we sat in the cratch recovering.. Beryl and Gary had their chairs out behind us so it would be rude not to join them.. We ended up having a BBQ but we had trouble getting the coals to light and it was getting dark before we had something to eat. We watched this plane getting lost and was buzzed by this helicopter....

We still chatted under the stars till we all got cold and then crashed out with the intention of getting up early and setting off tomorrow..

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Unknown said...

Queen of the Skies. Puma.