Saturday, September 14, 2013

Zakky Race Day

Steve, Erica & Zak arrived on the Wednesday evening and we went straight up the local pub for something to eat.. it was good food and plenty of it...the only problem here is that there are very poor signals and of course the noise of the trains all through the night did keep us all awake...
It was an early start as Zak had to be at the race circuit for 8.45am.. So it was bacon butties and we drove the eight miles to the circuit which was in the back of beyond. While Zak had his briefing we had a coffee and then watched as he went out in the super car Aston Martin.. he was blown away with the four litre engine.
He then had a drive with a professional driver who took him round in a two seater Atom.. This thing is bloody quick and only a formula one car would beat it.. when he came out of this he said he wanted one.. together with a bit of neck ache of course..
We then drove back to Derwent6 and Steve and Erica had to go as Steve was working in the afternoon.. It was great to see them and a big big thank you for paying for the meal on Wednesday night..
 In the afternoon the sun came out and we chilled in the cratch and Del managed to do some brasses..

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