Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sitting tight for a bit

We have been sitting out this fine weather while we have some good signals here..
We have had a weekend of telly with the Grand Prix and of course Al's Strictly is back on.. Derwent6 has been polished and we have done some paint touching up.. We have found a small leak from the water pump and it may need a new one as it is leaking through a joint.. so we will see if we can pick one up at the local chandler's, before getting one on line.. The bow was full of water and it took us a hour to get the water out we got out about ten litres.. At least we had the weather to dry it out a bit.. and we found it before the winter sets in.. We have resisted lighting the fire, but it has been borderline as to whether we light it or not..  We have just been enjoying ourselves but we are getting an itch to move again..
It has been so pretty here with the mist in the mornings and sunshine in the afternoons and Derwent6 sitting in the wide open spaces...

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