Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trip to Oxford

As today was so wet we made the decision to go into Oxford..We only get about four trains during the day so we got the midday one and thought we would use our taste card for lunch.. We planned to go to Fire and Stone but when we arrived it was closed. With loads of choice we walked over the road and went to Ask.. We had a lovely Italian meal for half price and came out with full tummies..
We then walked to the local cinema and went to see Rush the new film about James Hunt & Niki Lauda the racing drivers..
It was very good with some old footage off the crashes and reminded you of how dangerous racing was in the 70's.. Two drivers were killed every season..  We came out at 6.15pm and our train wasn't till 7.15pm but guess what we nearly missed it..  We were knackered when we got back to Derwent6 so we just chilled out and then fell into bed..

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