Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting for our Order

Well we haven't blogged because we haven't moved.. so what have we been doing.. Well Al's Dad has had some doctors appointments for blood tests, seeing consultants etc.. so it has been handy here with the station so near.. The other thing has been we have got this problem with the water pump which is still leaking and we made the decision we need a new one as Del has always wanted a spare just in case it packed up in the middle of nowhere. He will also then be able to take the leaking one apart and repair it so it could be a good spare.. We ordered it off E Bay, as it is a 24 volt, and we had it sent to Heyford Wharf and it should be with us by the end of the week. We have been using the train for Banbury and Oxford, although one only runs every three hours.. It is noisy here over night with the freight trains but we are getting used to it.. The reason we haven't blogged much is that we find this is the worse place to get a signal on the system. We have trouble with the phones and internet signals and were lucky to get a good telly signal. Still we will blog when we can.. We are shopping in Banbury tomorrow and Del was hoping to change the engine oil..

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