Monday, May 06, 2013

Sealing Up

Another sunny day and not to be wasted we thought.. We were up early and opened up the cratch cover for breakfast.. This gave us another thought as we were looking at the cratch board and cover..  We had a new wood sealing oil which friends Bernie and Sarah had used on their kitchen work surfaces and we brought some to try on ours.. So we started in the galley and rubbed down the surface and brushed it on..It goes on white but soon soaks into the wood.. We had already done one coat on the cratch board but it needed a second coat..
We took of the cratch cover and then was able to reseal the boards.. It came out very good but it needed to dry in the sunshine..
While the cratch cover was off we then decided to reseal the canvas. We had also brought some Thompson's Water Seal  and Del was applying it to the inside of the cratch cover..
We had water coming in through the winter when the cover was wet and then froze overnight.. In the morning when it defrosted it leaked..We hoped this would stop this.. We just had enough to do the whole cover but my have to get another tin to get another coat on..
We also covered the wood at the stern which is out in the elements and also the side doors ..
So we had a busy day..Del still had time to do some brasses and a bit of chilling with a cup of tea.. In the evening we chilled watching the footy..

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