Saturday, May 04, 2013

Noisy, to peace and quiet

It was a lovely sunny day and Del was up like a shot....Yesterday he had the camera on the roof and remembered while lying in bed where it was..we had had another frost and it's condition was not going to be good. When he retrieved it, it was very damp to say the least....  So as we were up and dressed early we opened up the cratch and had breakfast, actually it was lovely....well until they started doing the road along side us..We had a JCB dropping aggregates and it being spread by a shovel and then a noisy roller along side us.. Still it gave us something to look at..
At lunchtime we spotted a chance to move as the waterpoint was free. So we turned and then reversed on to the mooring.. We then managed to do a manual pumpout and fill with water before the next boat came along..  The weather was fantastic so we thought we would go back out onto the Welford arm again for some peace and quiet.
In the lock we met a couple from Rochester who had done the same as us and sold up and brought a boat.. and this was the first lock they had done.. I'm sure we will catch up at some point again... We soon pulled out onto the arm and were surprised at how quiet it was with only two other boats here. We set ourselves up and sat out in the sunshine..... 

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