Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Plesent Sunday Lunch

We got a call from Del's mum to say that the belts had arrived. They were going out for Sunday lunch so they invited us along.. We were meeting a friend of theirs Anne. We met them at Welford Wharf and we went to The Crown pub in Tur Langton where twelve of us meet up for a carvery.. It was lovely and we filled our boots with food..
 Afterwards we went back to Anne's lovely house for coffee and cakes (we did struggle to get the cakes down)
 In the lounge they had a Grand Piano and in our group was Bill who just wanted to play it.. Bill is 93 and could play all the old tunes we all know.. It was marvelous to watch. After chatting to him we found out he went to the same school of music as Al's old piano teacher and Bill knew her, he was amazed. Al also knew Bills music examiners, small world!!
From there Al was going back to Kent to see her mum and dad as her dad was having a small operation the following Al was dropped off at the station and  Del was taken back to Derwent6 by his mum Pat and Keith..  It was a nice day!!


zerry ht said...

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