Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY (but not cooking)

We were up early as Al had to go to the hospital with her Dad to Denmark Hill. She caught the bus to Rugby railway station and went to meet her Dad... Del stayed with Derwent6 and got some jobs done.. He touched up some paintwork and did the brasses as always.. At midday we had some showers so it was inside jobs for the rest of the day.. He put up a plaque in the engine room given to Al on her birthday.. It reads "Work is for people who don't go Boating"   
He then put up some extra shelves in the cabinet for Al's Disney characters, which she has wanted up for a long time..
The only problem he had was cooking.. He tried to do a bit of toasting and nearly set Derwent6 alight! Good job he's not a fussy eater..


Ange said...

Sorry to have missed you when we passed the boat moored at Onley. On our way to Liverpool. Take care and enjoy 'the summer'!! xxoo

Del and Al said...

Sorry we missed you, we were on the Sainsburys run! Will never catch you up lol so have a great trip to Liverpool :-) x