Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cricking it

After a day of doing nothing (as the weather was pants), we had planned to move but we don't like doing wet. So the choice was to move in the morning, and it was going to be early.
We were up at 6.30am and Del was ready to push Derwent6 off at 7.15am as we had a small window before it rained again. We crept along so we didn't wake any of the neighbours. It is nice cruising early as you see so much wildlife.
We made our way through Yelvertoft and on to Crick, just in time before it rained.
Al was going to the doctor's with her dad and managed to catch the 10.40 am bus to Rugby station. Del cleaned of Derwent6 in the rain as it had got covered in blossom as it does this time of year and its a good chance to wash in the rain showers.
Al arrived back at 5.00pm and it was still showering and very heavy showers they were. We had to light the fire in the evening as the temperature dropped to three degrees.

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John N/B Ellen said...

"Three Degrees" now there's a good name for a group,.....Di
Still up for that drink to celebrate that young whipper-snapper's significant Birthday???