Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meeting South

We got up this morning and the weather was promising.. It looked like it was going to rain at some point in the afternoon so we pulled out of Welford and slipped down to the lock.. We then got out onto the Grand Union and turned south.. It was easy cruising until we got to bridge 31 where it started to get a bit shallow..
We passed another boat and we both grounded, so it was on idle for the rest of the way till we decided to stop at bridge 27..
We had just tied the ropes when we saw David and Lisa on n.b. What a Lark. They pulled over and moored with us and invited us on for tea. "What a Lark" is another Fernwood boat and was in the Crick Show last year..It was good to see them both as always and catch up with their travels. We ended up chatting for a few hours only popping back to Derwent6 for loo breaks.
The showers got worse in the afternoon but we also had a lot of sunshine, and Derwent6 was pointing under the rainbow again..
We left Lisa & David at 5.30pm and watched the FA Cup and the Wigan win.

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