Thursday, May 16, 2013

Always jobs to do

We woke up to a nice morning and we decided to have a pump out and fill with diesel at Crick Marina. Before we went in Del always takes a sample out of the diesel tank and we were surprised to find water in the sample and the deisel a bit cloudy, these are the first signs of diesel bug.
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We can only think it must be condensation inside the walls of the tank which has caused it, due to the fact the water trap on the engine feed was clear.  We will have to check it again in a weeks time when everything has settled, we then set off...
It was windy and it made easy turning as the wind did the work. We pulled into the Marina and found they had just fixed their pump out machine. It has been very busy here with boat movement due to the Crick Boat Show. There are going to be 127 new boats in the show the busiest it has been, but the organisers weren't happy about the weather prospect again.
We got moored up and Del set to work on the toilet as it was now empty. We had had a problem with the valve and the water was coming back up in the pan. Del found the fault straight away and managed to change the valve for a new one..
The rain started coming down hard again so it put paid to the day. It got cold and damp again and we needed the fire, then of course it got too hot. Al cut Del's hair in the evening and we thought we would have an early night listening to the rain on the roof..


John N/B Ellen said...

Re Cloudy Diesel & bug etc, Marine 16 is seeming to work for us, Fuel Set did little. Who knows?

Danny said...

Do you use an additive, if so what do you use?