Sunday, May 12, 2013

Battle in the Wind

The morning started very bright which was a surprise... The lovers hadn't surfaced so we decided to go for a walk to Debdale. Del wanted a longer bolt for the engine and we also needed a filter so it was worth trying to get it here. Foxton looked good in the sunshine as we walked the couple of miles..
We never managed to get either parts but they did make up a bolt from some threaded bar they had.. Not only did they cut it for us but they never charged us... Good old Debdale.. We then had a walk round to see friends Mike and Gerry off Fernwood boat n.b Tubbs and it was good to get all the local gossip.
When we got back to Derwent6 at 10.00am  the rest of the crew had just surfaced. The weather had deteriorated and the wind had got worse and it was cloudy with some showers, but the weather forecast was the same for tomorrow so we decided to go..
Well go sideways, the wind was taking us but as we were heavy with the extra crew it kept Derwent6 on the straight and narrow.. We spotted a tree down in the winds, so we picked up some wood on the way and managed to stop and load the roof, the wind has it's advantages. We got to the tunnel just when the rain started so it kept us dry for some of the way, and no one else was stupid enough to be out, so it was quiet..
We got back to Welford junction where the wind was so strong we couldn't get across to the arm, so we turned into wind and moored up.
It's a good job we did as the wind was so strong at this point it closed our side doors for us.. The waves were breaking down the cut as we rocked around a bit.. We lit the fire, Al cooked Fajitas, and we snuggled down, a easy task for Tanya and Sam as they had been doing it all weekend...

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