Sunday, October 28, 2012

Smoking to Crick

The day started early as we had a Tesco's delivery coming between nine and ten. We sorted out Derwent6 for take off so we could blast off once the shopping was loaded and put away.
We said our goodbyes to Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield who kindly got rid of our rubbish for us, and set off, with n.b Piston Broke close behind us.
We soon got to the bottom of the Watford flight just as someone was coming out. The lock keeper waved us both up the locks and helped us get up the staircase.
It was then all systems go to the Crick tunnel. This tunnel is always a wet one, so it was coats and covers on and we went for it.
We could see two boats heading towards us and after just squeezing by we then realised they had their fires going with smoke billowing out (maybe from damp wood). We couldn't see a thing as the tunnel light just reflected back in our faces.
It wasn't till we were nearly out that we could see the exit. Del felt like he had had twenty fags.......Smoking!!!!
We then got to Crick and were lucky enough to get on one of the fourteen day moorings, and Paul and Lynne moored close by.
After a chat we said we would meet up in the evening. After a quick shower, we met at 7.30pm and walked up to The Red Lion pub. We had a lovely meal all of us, but forgot the camera. We got back to Derwent6 around 10.00pm.

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