Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meeting up with Loads of Friends

We left on Friday to go down to Kent and was meet at the station by David, who took us back to our friends Bernie and Sarah's house. Later, Al went to a pamper evening with Sarah, and we stayed with them overnight.
On the Saturday Del went gliding with Bernie and in the afternoon we went to Al's Mum and Dads. In the evening it was friends Dave and Linda's joint 60th birthday party where we met up with some old friends we hadn't seen for a long time.
We had a lovely night with everyone.
That night we were able to stay at Terry's (Del's step mum) and then on Sunday it was over to Debbie (Del's sister) & John's. We were meeting up for Jay's (our nephew's) twenty eighth birthday. It was nice to meet up with Cliff, Lou and the family and also get together with Dale, Terry and Ron.
Deb and Woody had done a lovely spread for us all and we pigged out leaving us sprawled out on the sofa's The kids jumped into the hot tub in the garden which kept them all amused for a hour or two.
 We left there at 10.00pm and went back to Al's Mum and Dad's to get our head down.
 In the morning we had breakfast before we got the train back to Euston and then back to Rugby, where we got the bus back to Derwent6. We arrived at 2.30pm and we lit the fire to warm things up, it didn't take long. We then got a phone call from the guy who was doing our boat safety check this week. He said if we could get down to the Grand Union for Wednesday he would knock thirty pounds off the price as he would have no travelling expenses. We can certainly do that!
After the weekend we were shattered and were pleased to get back in our own bed. We won't get much sleep as we have a early start in the morning...

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