Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the Grid at Welford

There was a frost on the roof early and it was very cold, but with clear skies we still wanted to move today.
It was lovely cruising weather and with a hot cup of Cocoa on the roof who cares about the cold.
The only thing slowing us down was the leaves which are now at their worst. With the Axion propeller all we need to do is drop into neutral every now and again to let them drop off.
With the chimney smoking away it was very tempting to stop but we pushed on to Welford.
We quickly got the telly set up and watched the Grand Prix qualifing. Del then spent the afternoon woodcutting, so we are now stocked up for a few days. We relaxed for the rest of the day and Al was ready to be glued in front of the telly for her Strictly.

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