Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We checked out the weather and they said it was going to clear up during the day so we set off early and made our way to the water point. Another boat was already on there but there were two taps so it was slow going for us.
With a full tank we made our way into the countryside. We only got a mile out and we met a boat, across the canal, off it's moorings.
It couldn't be reached from the towpath so Al had to stand on the bow of Derwent6 and then jump onto it's gunwales. It just so happened that a CART lenghtsman (a guy checking our licences) came along, the first we had seen for a long time. He grabbed the centre rope Al had managed to throw to him and he pulled it over.
 At last we were on our way again but our plans to get where we wanted had been scuppered. To make things worse it started to rain as we twisted and turned through this beautiful part of the Oxford.
When we got to Priors Hardwick we decided to call it a day even though the rain had stopped.
The nights now are closing in and we lit the fire and settled down for the night, in fact it was a early night....

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