Monday, October 08, 2012

Resting for Banbury's Canal Day

Sorry we have been a bit elusive over the last few days but in Del and Al style we have had a lot going on.
We have been moored here sitting tight at Banbury and making the most of the weekend events. We have enjoyed just doing nothing as we both have had colds, and we don't do ill. On Saturday Al walked into town to find out what was going on at The Banbury Canal Day on Sunday, and there was also a arts and crafts fair being set up.
You had to book a mooring to stay in the town. On Sunday we went into town to join in the celebrations and we were surprised at how packed it was. We wouldn't want Derwent6 in the town with all those people walking past and standing on your boat taking photos, we were glad to be a mile out of town.
Al found the crafts a bit on the expensive side, but of good quality.
It was a lovely day and everyone was enjoying themselves into the late afternoon with folk bands playing and the Morris men in action.
We came back to a lovely sunset with this fantastic reflection on the side of Derwent6 and in the canal....


MortimerBones said...

I was wondering whether you were in when I went past and it was lovely to see you there! Sorry to have missed you yesterday!

Del and Al said...

Sorry we missed you but lovely to see you yesterday :-)

Oakie said...

It was me steering the motor with the Narrow Boat Trust pair, Brighton and Nuneaton, who was waving frantically at you as we went past. Every other time I passed you on Stronghold, the boat was locked up. I am about to blog the trip from Reading to Braunston on:-