Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Steady Days cruising

We were a bit surprised at the weather today as the sun was shining and quite warm, a good day to move. We had been on our moorings for twelve of our fourteen days and we were also looking forward to cruising. First we had to wait for Mr Tesco as we had booked a 10.00am slot. We are always last in our slot due to the fact we rarely have any frozen stuff, but we do have a lot of heavy stuff though.
Once the cupboards were full we set off through Thrupp and planted ourselves on the water point.
We dropped off a box of chocolates to the mooring warden for looking after Derwent6 while we were away and then popped over to see Maffi on n.b Molly M and he came back for a cup of tea with us, so we could catch up with him and all the local gossip. He is still hobbling around with a stick, but is slowly on the mend and Molly was back to full fitness. Before we knew it, it was midday before we set off again.
We had no problems getting through the River Cherwell section and soon got to Pigeons lock spotting these late little fellows on the way.
One of our favour moorings had been taken here so we carried on to Lower Heyford. The problem here is we can't get a very good phone, internet or telly signal and the trains are so close they feel like they are coming in Derwent6, but we had the pick of the moorings and we were tired.
After mooring up we lit the fire for the first time and within a hour we were being cooked medium rare, and trying to stay awake. We spent the evening reading (and sleeping).

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