Saturday, October 13, 2012

More music at Fenny

The weather prospect was poor today and after a late night we weren't up at the crack of dawn. In fact we got up just in time to see Doug and James and Stephen and Jayne leave together and managed to help them down the lock and say our goodbyes. By the time we had got ourselves together it had started to rain. Well I'm afraid we were going to stay on our twenty four hour mooring with this fella for a extra day as it wasn't busy here. We had what we call a zombie day!!!
We woke up to rain in the morning but wanted to move, so we got ready to go by 7.30am and as we pushed off the rain stopped.
We spotted the progress on the Cropredy marina which still looks like a mud bath at the moment.
As we got to the next lock we noticed the lock beam was missing, but with a bit of string it caused us no problems and CART turned up just as we left the lock, saying it will be finished today.
We got to the bottom of the Claydon flight of five locks. It was here, a few years ago, that Al fell in at the middle lock, so as you can see she was very careful crossing the gate. Respect at all locks is the key.....
The sun was trying to come out as we went through the flight and by the top lock it was also trying to warm up. It was then pleasant cruising across the countryside towards Fenny Compton, with most of the locks in our favour we seemed to get here quite quickly.
We then stopped at the marina and had a pumpout and a look round the chandlers. We had a walk round the corner and Del spotted a mooring that Derwent6 would squeeze into, and with about six inches to spare, he was right.
Al walked up to check out the pub and the shop and found out that there was a band on tonight and tomorrow night, so we might just stay for the weekend. We watched the first half of the football and at 9.00pm we walked along to The Wharf Inn to watch the band.
It was a shame, because although they were all very good session players, not one of them could sing. We got back to Derwent6 at around 11.45pm and dropped into bed..

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Kantara said...

I love your blog! You've been doing a lot of our recent route, just a few days behind us, it seems. Saw Derwent6 in Banbury, in fact. Thanks for the good read!