Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crack on!

We had rain overnight but things were clearing up by the time we opened our eyes.
So with blue skies on the horizon we pushed off. It was lovely skies but the wind was horrendous and we began to wondered if we had made a mistake when we got to Marston Doles.
Al got off to do the lock and Del held Derwernt6 on the centre rope, well he couldn't hold it in the wind, and the stern got pulled round. Al managed to get the gates open in the lock and Del managed to jump on the bow and walk along the gunwales just in time to steer Derwent6 into the lock gates. Phew!
Going down the Napton flight is always very scenic and easy going down, but in the wind it's a different kettle of fish. We saw lots of boats getting into trouble in between pounds but we had learnt our lesson at the top.
With a hire boat coming up at every lock it made things a lot easier. We soon got to Wigrams turn or Napton Junction which is what we like to call it.
The wind had put a lot of boats off and it seemed very quiet along the M25 section of the canal, so we decided to push on further than we anticipated.
We then got to Braunston and you get the feeling of being back in an area you know so well.
We carried on the Oxford towards Rugby and here we met Paul and Lynne on n.b Piston Broke and made plans about meeting up tomorrow for a catch up.
We pushed on to Onley where we spotted this calf trying to get out of the canal, it managed it in the end with a bit of help from it's mother.
We felt we had done enough for one day so we moored up in one of our favourite spots.
After setting everything up Del started on chopping the wood we had left on the roof. We thought we were all set to watch the football in the evening but that was cancelled due to a water logged pitch. It might be another early night then...

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Les Biggs said...

Hi you two! We are moored up not far away overlooking a field of cows and horses. Barby village is just over the rise. Les just now finished installing our new Airhead Marine composting loo. Our vacuflush crapped out (pun intended) and we know several folks with an Airhead so we decided to go for it. It would be delightful to catch up with you both.