Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Up to All Oaks for a sing song

We had a very lazy start. Del was resting his back, David was catching up on lost sleep from work, and Al just likes the bed.... We surfaced at 9.30am and Al walked down to Tesco's after finding out what David fancied to eat this week. David walked the rubbish round while Del got Derwent6 ready to cruise. We ended up setting off at around 12.30 at a nice steady pace. We moved up to Newbold tunnel with it's disco lights (no tunnel light required here) and back out into the countryside at Brinklow. We caught up with Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield and pulled up just in front of them. We needed Keith's and David's help to moor as Del could hardly walk with his back. We sat out in the cratch in glorious sunshine for lunch and a little later Keith and Ann joined us. While we were chatting a hire boat needed some help to moor in front of us all. We got talking to them and found out that the guy (Brian) was into collecting guitars. They also offered us a beer, so they both joined in our gathering. Del got his guitar out and showed Brian, he then played a bit of Elvis Costello and blew us all away. With two guitars we had a bit of a sing song in the sunshine and Brian even gave Keith a bit of a lesson. As the sunset disappeared we all went in as we were getting hungry. Al cooked a nice curry and then we ended up watching a DVD, with nothing on the telly.

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