Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to Ratty Country

Wow David is just having a fantastic week with us. The sun was out again this morning and it was rude not to have our bacon and eggs out in the cratch again, it was lovely.Del is still having trouble with his back, but managed to walk the rubbish to the bins and do some brasses, but was in agony. We left Hawkesbury at around midday and took it nice and easy. There has been loads of wood up here but Del couldn't use the chainsaw to cut it up, so was not happy. The day was just lovely and we had to put the sun cream on. We even spotted a wild deer grazing by the canal. We made it back to All Oaks wood where we chatted to Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield. They told us again about the rats and mice they had seen at the nearby car park and how they got in the trees to the bird tables, sure enough we saw them. They weren't bothered about us and even looked you in the eye: best lock all the doors tonight. We then had dinner and watched another DVD in the evening..

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