Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goodbye and Hello

Wow another sunny day... We were up early this morning due to the fact David was returning back to Kent. We sat out in the cratch and had breakfast in the sunshine and then he set off for the station. It was great to have him on board, and he had brought the sunshine with him. Del's back is still playing him up and it might be a trip to the doctors for him but he still managed to do some brasses. We were going to move today but due to the amount of traffic here it was better to stay put for today anyway. We watched the Grand Prix Qualifying at mid day and then just as it ended Steve and Chris turned up with some hot cross buns and a bottle of wine. They are having a Fernwood boat built and wanted a chat about their ideas. It was nice for us to get out all the old plans and go through what they had decided to have. We chatted all afternoon in the sunshine and when they decided to go we thought we would join them for something to eat at Butler's Leap where we talked boats some more. They came away with a list of things to think about and Del came away with a bad back and just got back to Derwent6. We think they have a very good idea what n.b AmyJo will look like, and by the sound of it they will have a super boat. Thanks guys for a lovely day, it was nice to see you again.....

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