Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh what shall we do!

We woke up this morning in thick fog in that what shall we do mode. After some bacon butties, we were still trying to make our minds up. We did need a pump out but could go another couple of days, we could also fill with water, but we had only used a quarter of a tank, and we needed some food and the cupboards were empty..... Oh! Best move then!!!!
We have been good and not moved just for the sake of it and we also feel we have got our own patch here at Clifton so it was sad when we left it this morning. The plan was to do all the above and if we were lucky get back onto the same mooring. It turned out to be busy as we pulled along side another boat at Clifton marina to have our pump out. As we pulled away another boat followed us up to Rugby. We then turned and got water with more boats going past us, it has been very busy here. We passed Brownsover and then turned. After filling with water and mooring at Brownsover, Al walked to Tesco's and got some provisions while Del walked to Wickes (it had there name on it) and got a new shower head which had scaled up so bad, we couldn't clean it. It does also pay to change the shower head as in the end it does save you water as they get more Eco friendly.
When Al got back we set off for Clifton and at one of the bridges we met another boat on a blind bend, the Axion prop got us out of trouble. We were surprised the mooring was still free when we arrived. We then set ourselves up for the evening of telly... Del watched the football and Al watched the Masterchef final.

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