Friday, March 02, 2012

Get the Bottle, and Party on down

Another lovely warm morning and it was nice to get the cratch covers open again. We started of the day by ordering the Derwent6 essentials like the switch we have been after and some descaler which cleans the pipes. We then had a lovely Thai red curry for lunch made by our Nephew Matt's wife May, who is Thai.....authentic, no added preservatives, and as you can imagine it was delicious, Thanks May! Del then walked up to the marina nearby and got some gas as the gas bottle run out the other day. The towpath had also dried out a bit which made it a bit easier. While he was in there he noticed a new magazine "The Tillergraph" which is a free, yes a free gossip magazine from Canal Boat. It is full of adverts, but at least it is something to read on those summer days and evenings.
We listened to music in the evening and watched the 70's Disco era on BBC 4. Those years when it was one big party, ahhhhh old times........


Anonymous said...

Keep on dancing!

Drove through Birchington this morning and realised that is the last time we saw you! Too long - lets make a date soon.
Z xxx

Del and Al said...

To the funky music! xxx