Thursday, March 01, 2012

Down for a Birthday

Thick fog was what we were greeted with as we looked out the porthole this morning, which is a good sign for a nice day in prospect... Al left Derwent6 to get the train down to Kent to see her Mum Pam today. It was her 83rd Birthday and all the family were going out for a Carvery. Pam likes carveries because she can pick what she likes and not put too much on her plate! Del set about looking at the fuel gauge again on Derwent6 as he now had a better valve for bleeding it. Things seemed a success, but we will have to calibrate it when we have a full tank of fuel. The weather turned out glorious and Del went out on his bike to soak up the sun and tried to get this switch he has been trying to get, but with no luck. It has been busy again here with a few hire boats going out. We did have some idiots come by with a load of kids on board who thought it was fun to drag all the ropes behind them. Well fun till one of them gets caught in the prop. Al got back at 6.30pm after a lovely day.

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