Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Late Cruise to Semington

We were on 24 hour moorings here at Bradford on Avon but didn't have to move until the afternoon, and we were really looking forward to our Boatman's breakfast in the Lock Inn, and we weren't disappointed... Afterwards we had to walk it off and made our way to Tithe Barn, a 14 century village which is now kitted out with Arts and Crafts. It is amazing that this place is still standing and in very good condition. They still hold plays and concerts here. We got back to Derwent6 at about 2.00pm and then walked up to Sainsbury's to pick up the slabs of beers and wine as it was only a short walk. We then set off. It wasn't long before we got to The Boatyard marina where we topped up our diesel at 82 ppl, we also picked up some quality oil at twelve pounds for five litres. We then carried on into the countryside and the only hiccup was that we came across a load of girls swimming in the canal at one of the bridges. They soon got out after we had been through and told them how clean it was. We saw a good mooring and decided to stop at Semington. It is here that the disused Wilts and Berks canal joins the K & A and is planned to join the Thames at Abingdon in the future. We managed to get a TV signal here and Al watched telly all evening while Del did the brasses till it got dark at 10.00pm. He spotted this Red Kite getting chased off by these two Magpie's.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your post on Bradford-on-Avon (being a local girl) and seeing the pictures. It looks idyllic on board and I hope to give it a go myself one day.

Just one thing. I hope you do not mind me saying I think the bird in the last picture is a buzzard. I was at my parents' house near Thrupp recently and there are a great many Red Kites there, but I have seen none here yet. I am told it is the tail which gives it away; the Red Kite having a definite point to each side.

Thanks for posting and I look forward to seeing more of your travels.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Bella, oopps....not being bird experts we'll go with you! Glad you're enjoying the blog, and Bradford-on-Avon was one of our favorite places :-)