Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fourteen Locks in four miles

We had breakfast this morning in the sunshine in the cratch watching this heron getting his breakfast as well.We set off at 10.00am and made our way through the two locks to Seend Cleeve. We stopped here on the way down and were going to top up with water but the hire boat we came through the locks with wanted to stop here as well, so we carried on. We ended up, after a few swing bridges, getting water at Sells Green. The water here has been really shallow and we have been on tickover most of the way. We passed the new Caen Hill marina.....who wants to leave their marina and turn left and do seven locks and a few swing bridges, or turn right and do twenty nine locks, Hmmm difficult!!!. We did another seven locks which we had to do on our own and we managed to get a mooring right at the bottom of the Caen Hill flight of sixteen locks.After fourteen locks in four miles we sat getting our energy back, looking at the long flight ahead with the sunset reflecting off the gates.

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