Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dodging showers to Kintbury

We were woken up in the night by a bubbling sound coming from the side of Derwent6. It sounded like water was coming in. But with a bit of an investigation, it turned out to be water voles swimming under us and the air bubbles forming around Derwent6. Bless! We left at 9.00am in sunshine but the rain showers were threatening. We soon got through the locks with the first two in our favour and then waited while two boats came up on the third. We then felt a few spits of rain and decided to moor up at Kintbury. As we tightened the ropes the heavens opened, good timing we thought. It was heavy showers all afternoon, but when the sun came out it was gorgeous.We had some gammon which had been cooking in the slow cooker all day and we had a few friends who wanted to join us. Al very politely told them they never had a invite.

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