Sunday, June 19, 2011

Very busy, Wonder why!

It's one of those days, shall we move or shall we sit it out for the weekend..Well we decided to sit it out as it had been so busy here in the morning with boats going backwards and forwards, great fun to watch. Del then decided to go out on his bike and took a trip over the the old RAF field at Greenham Common. It is now a two mile area where cows sheep and horses roam and where people can bike, walk, run and take their dogs out. You can still see the runways and also the nuclear bomb bunkers, along with the peace camp memorial. Even the control tower still remains. He got back to Derwent6 at around 12.30pm and Al had a nice roast Chicken waiting when he got back. We watched a film in the afternoon and sat in the cratch in the evening. It was a good job we did, because as a boat went past us late (around 8.00pm) we shouted where are they heading for tonight. "Oh we're trying to get through Aldermaston lift bridge, as there is going to be a stoppage tomorrow for three days". Blimey we never got an e-mail from BW about that one, and no wonder it has been so busy round here today. Sure enough they were right, so plan B went into operation and by the looks of it an early night!!!!

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