Friday, June 17, 2011

Rained off

We woke up to rain hitting the roof, a nice feeling, it makes you want to just pull the duvet over your head and pretend you never woke up. We did rise, eventually, and decided to light the fire, the first time in ages. Two reasons; one we just felt like being snug, and two because we had so much seasoned wood to burn, which we don't want to be carting around in the summer months, it seemed rude not to. We did some small jobs, as you do, but didn't over do it. We are feeling a bit better now, but still not right.. Len (Del's dad) has improved a bit and now only goes to the hospital once a week, lets hope it continues.... We had rain for most of the day and it just got heavier in the afternoon so we watched telly and played music. We should have moved today after 3.00pm but I'm sure they won't mind if we wait till tomorrow. No one is moving in this, even this fella didn't want to be in the water!!!!

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