Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hard Rocks Calling

We were up at 5.00am, showered and waiting at the train station at 6.30am. We got the train to Paddington station and then had a walk to Hyde Park Corner. As we turned the corner we could see the stage of the Hard Rock Calling festival and Bon Jovi were headlining it. We managed to be 23rd in the queue as we picked up our fan club golden circle tickets. We then headed off to get breakfast in McDonalds before getting back in line to go in. Yep we were right on the barrier but it meant standing in one place for eight hours. It all started at 2.00pm and we watched four other bands before the Big one. Bon Jovi came on at 7.00pm and played through the sunset for three hours ten minutes, till 10.15pm. Were they good? don't ask silly questions!!! they were brilliant. The atmosphere was as brilliant and the band didn't want to leave the stage and the crowd wouldn't let them..We then dodged the army of people leaving the arena and made our way back to Paddington with a portion of chips on the way. We got back to Reading and then found out that engineering works meant we had to get a cab back to Derwent6 (courtesy of first great western). We got home at 2.00am in the morning, shattered!!!


Sue said...

Sheesh, you should have hoped on to Hove!.. :-P

Del and Al said...

omg you had a nightmare journey too. The things we do, but its worth it lol !! x