Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You have got reverse you know!

Due to the fact we were starting to run low on diesel and water we made our way back to Braunston. It seems really busy at the moment, it must be the good weather bringing out all the private and hire boats. In Braunston we filled with water, got rid of our rubbish and did a manual pumpout. We were amazed that while we were getting rid of the rubbish some idiot decided to leave their rubbish at the water point, lazy gits! Because someone thought it might be us, and we couldn't just leave it there, we took it to the disposal point...we have to live here!

We then met a hire boat right on the bridge in Braunston and where we stopped, he decided he would just keep coming. To avoid hitting him we pulled the bow into the hedgerow. We told the guy on the tiller that all he needed to do was stop like we did, and with this some American guy on the tiller said "you're not the first one to tell me that, I'm still learning!" Nice eh!!! When will they learn they have got reverse.

We then made our way to the M25 of the waterways, and yes it was busy, so we moored up and watched the world go by. We have been lucky with the rain today and we managed to clean the brasses. We then chilled in the evening watching Torchwood and eating cherry pie!


Anonymous said...

God you better teach liff where reverse is,he is shaking in his shoes!!!!!!!!!!!Dad

Louise & Cliff said...

OH MY GOD you mean I have to reverse the bloody things as well lol.
Can't wait till Saturday getting packed now see ya soon